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Kyrenia Projects
​Kyrenia is a beautiful town in Cyprus, owing to its ravishing harbor, mighty Venetian castle, and a backdrop of sharp and craggy mountains. It even has a pleasant climate, courtesy of those mountains, which bring cooler air and a greener landscape than in the rest of Cyprus.
​Famagusta Projects
The charming city of Famagusta, is second only to Kyrenia in the north’s tourism league table. Like Kyreinia it boasts an atmospheric old town surrounded by crumbling Venetian walls, a legacy of its strategic position facing the Middle East. Its shops, restaurants and cafés are threaded through and between the photogenic remains of churches destroyed or damaged during the Ottoman siege of 1570–71
Nicosia Projects
Lefkoşa is the capital city of north Cyprus. As with its southern counterpart, most of Lefkoşa’s modern buildings and administrative machinery lie outside the Venetian walls, and most of what visitors will want to see are in the old town within the walls. Compared to the southern part of the city, Lefkoşa is noticeably less vital, with the air more of a sleepy provincial town than a national capital.